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In April 1997, I was touring in the western states, mainly in Arizona, with Arizona Highways "Northern Arizona Sampler" Photo Workshop tour. This was my fourth holiday in the United States, and here I am showing some of my impressions of America.

An outsider often sees a country from a more detached viewpoint. To a landscape photographer there is no correct way to photograph any scene and therefore each image is a personal interpretation by that photographer. As a New Zealander, I was captivated by the huge sense of space and distance in the American west, something not seen in our landscape.

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USA.1  Monument Valley * USA.2  Spider Rock, Canyon de Chelly
USA.3  The Place Called Running Antelope * USA.4  Tower Butte, Lake Powell *
USA.5  Dunes and Rabbit Brush * USA.6  Dogwood, Yosemite Valley *
USA.7  Big Skies, Wyoming NZ.8  "Why Lie?" *
USA.9  Window on a Castle, Monument Valley *
Most images may be ordered as a photographic print. Limited Editions of 10.

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