Recent Imagery


This new collection of art photography shows some of my current directions. As well as working on landscapes and architectural images, I have been experimenting with pushing the limits of the image towards an artistic concept as an extension of pure photography.

Some of these dont look much in the thumbnail versions as some colours tend to be quite subtle.
The larger images show far more in such cases and are usually worth loading.

Please click on an image to see the larger version.

Early Winter



The Old Orchard

The Golden Hour

Tussock Country

Approaching Storm


Shadow Work

Real Men Do Eat Quiche


Sex With Mr Collins


Sutton Rail

Strangling Vine

Autumn Forest

From the Past

The Lily House

The Nevis Bluff

Painted Stones

The Black Tower


The Blue House

Bucket and Mop

Most images may be ordered as a print. [limited Editions of 10] For further information please
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