A Gift

My heart sings
As I leave this place
Where we talk across the spaces,
The meeting-place of minds
Speaking one to another
With only words,
Never seeing other clues
To meaning, or to mood.

Faint lifting of the corner of the smile,
Raised eyebrow, cynic’s smirk,
Leaning forward, glancing round,
Placing hand to cheek to hide the mouth,
All are small, unspoken gifts
I give to people with me here
With whom I speak
Across my real-life rooms..

These gifts you have to go without.
Yet somehow, we can sense a thought,
Perceive a concept, chase ideas
Caught purely in the written word.
It's so easy to misunderstand.......
Yet when your parting lines convey your love
For me to wrap tomorrow in,
My heart sings.

Pam C.

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