Art Gallery


This collection of art photography shows far more of the "real me" than do either of the other two galleries. Here the distinctions between poetry and photography tend to blur,
as I have tried to show an idea in an image rather than words. If I haven't at least pointed out a direction for that idea then I didn't communicate very well.

Some of these dont look much in the thumbnail versions as colours tend to be quite subtle. Larger images show far more in such cases and are usually worth a look

Any image may be ordered as a photographic print. Limited Editions of 10.

Please click on an image to see the larger version.
ART.3  Fence with Daisy   In-spired ART.1  Marigold Rising
ART.4  Primitive Pathways ART.5  City Rain I ART.6  Prima Ballerina
  An Oriental Impression     World in Purple    Waiting For Godot  
  Children of the Millennium   Mysterious Journeys ART.13  Haiku
ART.14  The Way Beyond USA.15  Response to Alcatraz   The Moko Tree

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